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Further looking and thinking.

A soapbox moment first (Julie look away, this post recounts injury to hedgerows!)

I am not enough of a Luddite to fail to acknowledge (I do have some sympathy with these Textile worker protesters nevertheless) that progress is part of life.

Locally the power station continues to be demolished. Where it was previously surrounded by a wildlife reserve of wasteland, the site is being filled with the new electricity generating buildings, and air fuel storage tanks and the new liquid gas facility.

Very soon the horizon will be unrecognisable to me. I cannot believe they will demolish the chimney that is used as a navigational aid for many entering the estuary. I have no choice but to believe. Things move on.


On top of this the farm on the way has scrubbed out its entire hedgerow and removed 3 orchards. Gone. All that remains is an unrecognisable expanse of grassed flat marked here and there by ashes and tractor ruts. To not recognise where you are on a path that you have walked for the last 16 years is a very peculiar and unsettling feeling. There was no warning to this change. It has not happened as the power station – over time, bit by bit. Yesterday there were 3 hedged fruit orchards of some enormity – last year laden with apple and pear. Today – gone.

What else will go? The speed and devastation has really rattled me.

So, to preserve the things that may pass I snapped the Queen Victoria pier, because that must be an endangered structure.


Round here the greatest threat is the value of land as housing. Surely though, when the identikit housing estate has suffocated the land, progress is arrested.

What can I do? I am still haunted by the ghost tree of the last old oak on my peninsula that was removed to build a wider road, then once the road had been widened it was revealed the tree would have remained to the edge of the road, it was cleared because it was easier for the construction vehicles to have an access road at that particular point during part of the building process- needless to say the access road was never used… all so that we can drive our cars faster without having to take car of each other and our environment by not needing to pay attention to our speed in order to safeguard our own and other’s lives. Yes, the new road is straighter and has 2 lanes each way rather than 1… but that tree could have been left standing. It was 100s of years old.

With new houses come more people and usually 2 cars per house…so do we now have to widen more road and destroy more habitats so we can live life faster and more easily?

As a beginner artist I want to make sure that I am creating consciously. I dread the cold-finger of hypocrisy pointing at me.

I have tried not to buy any resources for this entire course from new (ATV and MMT). I’m afraid I’ve had to resort to buying some new books as I couldn’t source a second hand copy. There’s been new glue sticks…new printer inks… a new printer. I was gifted a new netbook for Christmas…and there were all the new mountboards for the ATV assessment.

It’s very hard to live up to my aim not to destroy in the process of my creating.

Progress doesn’t have to be destructive does it?

I think I need to be a little more innovative…


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  1. Unbelievable, especially the hedgerows. Apart from the sheer vandalism and destruction, it’s incredibly short sighted in terms of the environmental impact. Daughter and I have been listening to the same robin each morning at one point in our dog walk then on Sunday – a big hole where the hedge had been. And no robin. As for the course, all we can do is recycle and reuse and minimize the impact. Currently researching natural dyes and paints – we could maybe ask other students to pool ideas and sources on the forum.


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