T1: MMT; Pt1; Pj5 : Ex 2 last sample

It had to be done. Pippi’s hollow tree.

My progress was somewhat thwarted by the cat and I competing for The Sunny Spot. But in the end I used this to  my advantage.

I upped the scale of my stitched tube sample and used about 1.5m of lining paper. Using the same process of craft – knife cutting triangular flaps I enjoyed the light interplay before I rolled the cylindrical form:

Eventually I muscled off the cat (he got his vengeance later) and rolled the vast cylinder. Again the sunlight made such a difference to the shadows and tanslucency of the form:

I then cut some elder sticks (it grows like a weed in the garden) and stitched the flaps with these. I needed to use an inverted plant pot to stabilise the form.

Again I had company.

Using the home made mallet my children had made I took the form down to the grassy bit and ‘re-planted’ it. I know it’s not willow but elder is like this in my soil. Not a lot else grows except for bulbs and hawthorn and old roses. The plants have to be tough here.

It felt like a den or a plant teepee. It seemed much happier in the ground. It wasn’t long before my first curious customer came to try it out!

It obviously felt a safe place.

He did enjoy busting his way out somewhat indelicately. But it doesn’t matter. I made it. I took thisimage:

To this:


Via these stages: