T1: MMT; Assignment One

Having sorted through all my work for this part I had the challenge of blue-bagging my selection. The dimensions and delivery of this are quite prohibitive to 3D and large scale work. I decided to send my samples for each exercise that are my working samples as they still hold potential and the samples that have been my stepping stones to this point are all documented on this blog.

I placed samples onto A3 paper or card to support them in transit and placed my larger stitch samples for Project 5 in a devised box.  I hope they travel well. I have also included, as directed, one sketchbook that is pertinent to this part. The only sample that I was unable to sen that I would have liked to would be the large version of the stitched window tunnel:


As this part is diagnostic I hope that the sample I have chosen shows my tutor the range of thinking, visual and contextual research, and extent of processes and materials that I have investigated and explored:

Some of the earlier crumpling experiments cannot be submitted because by the time I had finished the processes the materials had disintegrated, that is not to dismiss their usefulness and potential:

With everything in the post I shall move on to the formal reflection in order to complete this assignment.

2 thoughts on “T1: MMT; Assignment One

  1. An amazing array. I especially love the subtlety of samples 9 and 11 and the white ‘jellyfish’ shape on red which seems to have real energy. These crumpled pieces have a beauty all of their own, fragile, worn and aged.


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