T1 MMT; pt2: joining research

I’ve started with mindmapping the concept of joining, looking at etymology, techniques, materials going from brazing and welding to joints, junctions and passageways.


Looking around the front room for joins:

Then onto sketchbook research.

This project has triggered some overthinking (who me?). I anticipated this after I had another nightmare about broken pipes and flooding with a certain-someone-scary hiding under the floorboard by the stopcock, needle at the ready. Lots of imagery to dialogue with!!


Joining means connection. The opposite of connection to me is not disconnection but isolation. Connection requires a setting or establishing of boundaries.

When I feel I lived ‘caught between the devil and the deep blue sea’ and ‘stuck between a rock and a hard place’ my instinct when free is to be separate.  The hardest healing I have to do is reconnection – to my self, to the world to living fully. That means I could learn to identify with the join or the joined – neither being a natural notion at the moment.

This project is significant self-work for me. I have already started thinking way  below this surface of the exercises and researching artists who work with both the technique and concept of joining.

I’m curious what physical outcome this part will produce!

I cannot deny its value.

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