Tutor Feedback for Part 1

I’ve received my feedback from my tutor. I’ve checked she’s happy for me to share it here. I’ve printed a hard copy that is annotated with my reflections which I will share too in due course.

Initially though, I am heartened, encouraged and grateful of such detailed, comprehensive and tailored evaluation. (This is a little under-exaggeration – I kept reading it and reading it and reading it with a big grin on my face, checking that this was really mine, pinching myself and grinning some more).

Tutor Report Lottie Adams Mix M Tx 1 [72034]

3 thoughts on “Tutor Feedback for Part 1

  1. Great feedback,Lottie. Good to see your tutor really acknowledging your incredible creativity, thoroughness and ability to make imaginative leaps and connections. The breadth of reference in your posts is astounding; I can only imagine what your sketchbook must be like! Well done; feels like you’re really flying now and heading into the bright blue yonder.

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