Reflection on Tutor Feedback for Part 1

The feedback I have received is detailed and personalised and enables me to move forward with encouragement and growing confidence.


1)Suggestions that I wish to carry forward into further practice include:

*’pushing the boundaries and parameters’

*continue to ask questions and explore possibilities, reflecting on outcomes

*develop ‘architectural forms’ in samples that incorporate abstract sculptural elements

*continue to reflect on impact and thought process as well as artist research

*continue to search out and deeply investigate artiss working within relevant field

*continue investigations into symbolism and structure

*continue to play with form, structure and take risks


2) Suggestions that I see as:  To Action Now:

*revisit book folding technique: ‘I personally find the printed paper a little distracting. It would be great to see these tested on recycled brown wood chip of newsprint papers.’

*revisit the wrapping paper form using tissue paper and brown paper to look again at the resulting ‘movement, silhouette and form.’

*’begin to build a Bibliography page’ –I have set this up today (4.3.16) and will remember to add a brief analytical sentence to assign its relevance to the line of enquiry.


3) Suggestions that I see as: Next Steps:

*’…using oiled hands to crumple, you worked crumpling dictionary pages. Although you were dissatisfied with these samples I would encourage you to revisit this at a later date.’

*explore the processes of heating and fusing when safe to do so.

*’consider more puncturing techniques. Perhaps be a little braver, expressive, dynamic with these.’ – this needs to be undertaken along with some research into process and practice to facilitate this.

*daily sketching and idea capturing

*introduce more materials – I’ve already actioned this with mudroc and welding steel. This will be on-going too.

I also feel that, further to the reassuring comments, I am on the right track with regard to how I am beginning to use my sketchbook as a visual diary. Importantly I have enjoyed this way of working as it feels more intuitive to me so I shall continue to let this evolve.