T1:MMT; Pt2, Pj1: Ex3 iii

Joining curved edges continued

Ex3 sample 3 as discussed in research post.


Ex3 sample 4:

I cut some paper lozenges, curved the ends (like those wood tongue depressors the doctors have when they check your throat. Punching three holes in the curved apex each end I intended to crochet them together. I hadn’t intended to link the all but that evolved out of the process – as did the triangular chain join using a silver machine thread. Each segment laid flat like a vertebrae, but then too like the petals on a flower, or little seed pods. I like them most upright where you can peer in and through – again I imagine sitting slumped in one lie a reading pod – or of they had light in them – fairy light shades, how the light would dance across them? Perhaps worth rooting out the christmas lights from the attic…thought growing here.

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  1. Love the bottle tops and the structures you have created here. I like the little pods on their sides, like little shelters or half-open shells. Lights is a good thought.


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