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Joining layers

In honour of International Women’s Day, the Soroptimists and some very brave young Masaai men.

This film.

The interview here from which I take the link to layers. The change they are working towards is the outlawing of FGM.

‘Sonyanga talks of protecting the good part of our culture from erosion explaining: It wasn’t easy to convince the elders to change their traditional perspective on this matter. I could perhaps compare it with the peeling of an onion. For one to reach the core of the onion you have to peel it again and again, since there are many layers that one encounters before you get to the core. It is not such an easy task as it may appear. It involves a tearful process, one sheds a lot of tears. The onion is like a culture in a way. The core here is the heart of the culture and it shapes the entire culture, which is dearly guarded and protected by the elders. So now you can imagine how easy it is to change the minds of the elders!’

On this day, as we strive to express our authentic voice, let us remember our sisters  who have no voice.

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