T1: MMT; pt 2; Pj1: ex 4 iv

Last 3 samples.

Sample 3:

Tulle, plastic, triangular bandage material off-cut and brass paper fasteners. Seen a lot of rivets as a fastening and joining devise. This weekend I’ve been at the sea looking at the layers of seaweed and sea and flotsam  and jetsam. This inspired the above.

Sample 4:

Hag stones found on Ramsgate beach today. If you look through the holes you can see your soul or your future. These hag stones each had two holes like eyeholes, this is the sea acting on the local chalk, and found different sizes. Assembled in size order and used craft wire to join, wrapping round a biro to create springs to separate layers, though also to join them so they overlap.

Sample 5:

Using wrinkled and crumpled papers from the previous part, the craft wire from the previous sample and a conical form around which I could join the layers with a spiral.

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.

Isak Dinesen

4 thoughts on “T1: MMT; pt 2; Pj1: ex 4 iv

  1. I love sample 4 in particular. The stone and wire really work well together and I like the way you’ve used the ‘springs’ to separate yet join the layers.


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