T1:MMT: Pt2; Pj2: Wrapping – extra

Additional samples for Ex2

A timely phonecall with my tutor has helped me find a way forward with the wrapping.

Acknowledging and identifying for me that the work needs to mean something to me, rather than be simply a process, she helped complicate the concept for me so that I could find a better foothold within which to climb up and express myself.

We discussed considering wrapping as hiding something precious, concealing and revealing (ideas that had started to germinate in ATV). As we talked about encouraging the intricacies that are perceived in the joining exercises into this wrapping task by way of viewing the notions as: veiling, concealing, hiding secrets, disclosure, transition, change, revelation- where cracks appear to reveal layers of secret and intrigue – during this talk pictures started to emerge in my head: fossil wrapped in clay and revealed section by section – or the trace fossils that are mere shadows of the fossilised creature, then we talked of cocoons and my mind sprang to new emerging from old, fresh life emerging from the hard carapace of a previous form. That notion of ‘having a thick skin’ being ‘hard-shelled’ or ‘soft on the inside’- these started flying around in my brain – things held in suspension, their secret revealed by time or chipping away.

I picked up one of the marbles that seem every to be appearing in this house (I think they sneak out of the wainscott at night and breed in corners waiting to catch the bare-footed unawares). How could I suspend and wrap this form – this glass orb? Ice. We had discussed transparency. Water wraps in and over the form, turning it to ice fixes that moment. I love the novel ‘The Ice Palace’ by Tarjei Vesaas even though the plot is rather sad and dark, because a frozen waterfall plays a really important role. So I planted the marble in a margarine tub with a thin layer of water. Into the freezer. Then out a bit later to rotate on its side and more layers of water, freeze, then a third time. It is in the last freeze – I am not sure whether to smash the ice and reform or leave these slabs? I’ll sleep on it.

Wrapping as halting the flow; containing the moment; leaving something suspended, wrapping away from harm’s reach.


We had been talking about the idea of wrapping something precious to hide it/keep it safe. I know this. I had to hide my voice. I had to hide my words. I had to hide.

Since every word I spoke was used against me I had the ultimate refuge of silence. As did we all. It became safer not to speak. I recall the Bible at the Huguenot Museum – the Protestant Huguenot refugees hid their prohibited Bible in a baking loaf of bread to hide it from the soldiers. The printed word, sustenance of their faith, would have provoked their arrest and death. The irony of the loaf of bread as a hiding place stuck with me. All the symbolism of brad in Christian faiths, the symbolism of bread through humanity’s history. My voice and freedom to use it is very precious to me. The power of words is not lost on me. My sacrificical dictionary became a wrapping experiment.

1)Start dough in breadmaker.

2) Go for a walk.

3) put in torn pages of words once kneading had finished.


4) Hope that paper really does have that burning temperature made famous by Ray Bradbury’s novel (hope that this is significantly less than the breadmaker’s top temperature) and that dough will continue to rise.

5) Step away and busy myself.

6) Tip out the bread. Cut and tear and reveal the words.


7) Keep tearing and watching what unfolds as the bread cools.



8) Notice the words that have been revealed. (see particularly ‘hoard’ and the US Slang term beneath: ‘a prison/jail’

Wrapping as protection, as hiding. But at what point does hiding and being silent become its own prison?

There is a piece of music that resonates with this delivery tonight. It reaches right in. It is light and ice, glass and paper, I can hear the line of the music walk across the page of the moment leaving behind and audible fold and spiral. If these pieces need a musical accompaniment to wrap them in an extra layer of hiding and revealing it would be this piece:

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, ‘Sketch’ 2001 remix

Ah… I see now…wrapping is about layers: layers of material, layers of time, layers of sound, layers of meaning… by considering what is being wrapped rather than the wrapping my tutor has helped the wrapping experiment emerge far more organically.


5 thoughts on “T1:MMT: Pt2; Pj2: Wrapping – extra

  1. Great to read your ‘ah’ moment at the end; there is a palpable sense of relief here as you make the brief your own. I wonder if maybe you have been wrapping what/whom is precious to you for years in layers of love and protection and silence; maybe that resonates with the idea of layers here. I like the advice ‘consider what is being wrapped rather than the wrapping’; it removes the ‘showiness’ of the exercise that you objected to originally.


  2. Super interesting evolution of ideas. very informative of what we should all try to aim for in terms of making the briefs our own and personal. I too love the ah moments here…worth all initial frustrations. In fact I am thinking that sometimes a frustration (with a brief) might be a sign that something needs to emerge…like here.

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    1. Thanks Inger. I think you’re right. If there were no struggle perhaps there would only be surface work in process. Perhaps as you say the wrestle is an indication of engagement.


  3. Great insight, Inger. I always know that when Lottie is momentarily frustrated with a brief, something amazing will result 🙂 and although we all show our frustrations in different ways, maybe your insight applies to each of us. No pain, no gain …?

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