T1 : MMT; Pt2; Pj2 : drawing folio

I have been reading about expressive drawing and so wanted to use my drawings of the samples to show how they felt to make, how wrapping makes my body feel, the energy that is put into and comes out of chosen samples.

I elected to start large using up the last of my lining paper roll and work towards smaller, rather than starting small and work larger. After the life size scale of the first drawings every other size felt restrictive and limited. Curious since most of the samples themselves are hand sized! I chose to work with inks and watercolour for the pigment saturation. I used a large household painting brush and a fine nylon flat brush.

This exercise was far more powerful than drawing what I see. Drawing what I felt was far more intuitive and free yet I feel retains features of the original sample.

I worked in series taking interesting elements from one work into the next then magnifying and exploring these further. The colours chosen were intuitive except for the yellow and pink sketch where I tried to pick out features from the original sample.

Sketches in chronological order with starting point sample.

Chosen sketches to take forward:


5 thoughts on “T1 : MMT; Pt2; Pj2 : drawing folio

  1. Very expressive indeed. What great sources you must have read about expressive drawings. I have never heard about that as a method – but certainly you have captures the essence of each item – I am in love with the multiple wrapping that end with tulips leaves (?).


  2. So much energy, and for me there’s fight and determination. Some spiky black reads to me as anger, but then I saw nurturing and protecting.

    Don’t know how much of that was in your head and heart. I was at a panel discussion lately and someone seemed to suggest that people could misunderstand art, get it wrong, were too ignorant. You put so much of yourself into your work. Does it feel personal if someone interprets it differently?


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