T1: MMT; Pt2 sorting

I sorted samples and drawing folio into those works that still seems to hold potential energy – they are still either works-in-progress or as samples the discoveries they revealed enable me to move forward or have been fundamental to a shift or leap in my learning.

The samples that have served their purpose in the journey, they were stepping stones or samples that lack novelty or discovery, so do not need to go ahead:


The following samples have all been parcelled up to my tutor including a sample drawing folio.

These works still excite me, and intrigue me, or create a dissatisfaction that is still generative, there’s a tension that still holds energy. They still keep me wondering.


They are discoveries in process and concept and are where I have found myself or freedom for myself within the course. They may be new processes to me (like the heat tool-ed tulle and plastic) or they might be a familiar skill revisited and revitalised (the crochet net on the oyster shell sample). I included some of the stripped wrapping before I really found my feet with this project. However, after walking the half-hour round trip to my post office I discovered my parcel was a mere 7g over the weight for a royal mail medium package at £2.85 and instead was only eligible for Parcelforce at £12 +. I walked home, deliberating on what to leave out – in the end I decided on the washing-line sample as the photograph will still serve to provide evidence of a sample that was on the cusp of my breakthrough with this project – so far from what evolved, but so close in time!


I hope the samples selected show the range of techniques I have trialled. I would have loved to send the welding – but the weight is prohibitive – nevertheless I would like for it to be considered:

Also I would like to select in the experiments wrapping in ice and bread:

I collect my layered glass bowl on Sunday from its final firing. I’m very excited to see what the kiln gods have made of it.

I’ve been reading a fair bit on the importance of sorting in the creative process. What goes on, what remains dormant. It is becoming more clear to me that my mental direction constantly spirals in and out taking a wider landscape then tightening into a pinpoint focus then back out again. In its spiralling it catches in different techniques and processes. The thinking  is convergent and divergent.

What has been significant for me in sorting for this part has been to choose samples that present the ‘energy and freedom’ my recent assessment for ATV has encouraged me to pursue!

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  1. The comment about your mental processes spiralling is maybe reflected in the circular swirls of the ‘carousel’ drawings of your more recent post; a real sense of energy swirling and contained but ready to burst out.


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