Glass fusing

My sea bowl for pt2, pj1 survived the kiln gods! At last, the great reveal:


This is the result of my fused glass Sea Bowl workshop. I am really taken by the process and now result! As a method of joining this has been a new and exciting skill to start to learn.

Before processes:

Today I joined another beginner class run by Yvonne, so that I could experiment further with different ways and orders of fusing (joining) the glass.

These have now gone into the kiln.


I have used stringers, twisted coloured rods, opals and frit as well as tiny beads of dichroic glass and confetti glass. These will all be fused so that I can compare results.


Yvonne prepared a fantastic set of support notes that includes much of the technical information and websites and videos of interest. However, I feel it would be unfair of me to share these links and resources without undermining the integrity of her workshops. I have included the notes in my sketchbook and any additional resources I find would be, of course mine to share. But, I think it would be wrong to share Yvonne’s material online.

I was intrigued to find that the colour in glass is made from metals and so I have rooted out a secondhand copy of Colour by Victoria Finlay to see whether she discusses this in her (read-a-very-long-time-ago) brilliant book. I am also going to look out for pink and purple glass in stained glass windows as this colour is the most expensive to  make – due to the use of gold!


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