T1: MMT; Pt 3; Pj1: ii

Cast Offs subset.

Hunted for some fabric off-cuts from materials used in ATV. One is  cast off table cloth, another a hand on lace, some crochet cast off clothing.

I used the plaster of Paris only it was setting before I was finished. So the cotton frilled pillowcase dud not make a very good impression. The green crochet and lace refuse to separate, but the tablecloth has come up trumps. Evidently cotton woven fabric works best. Lace and stringy/ crochet fabric is too holey and gets imprisoned in the plaster. These samples look like germinating seeds though!

Now to decide upon joining or embellishing. Sketchbook work and research methinks.

One day on and I still cannot release the fabric – so I need to think again – do I leave this as it is and set it aside as a ‘fail’ or do I look at the sample again and see what it is trying to be – the mould is certainly joined to the fabric surface!!

And I might have found an interesting soul in Daniel Arsham and his Snarkitecture! More to discover.

PS. I can’t decide  on the spelling mold/molding as used in the course notes, which is the American spelling or mould/moulding which is the correct English spelling (not used in the course notes). So I’m going to interchange them!