Glass-fusing results

As a result of the workshop I attended in April, run by Yvonne, I created several small samples/experiments that I collected today.

I am really pleased with the range of effects and glasses I have now played with. I have discovered that taking pictures of glass is really tricky since the depth of glass creates its own internal shadow when the item is left on paper – so I’ve had to explore holding these up to show the translucent effects and reveal the depths.

As a reminder the glass before it went to be fired in the kiln:


I think the top right hand sample mustn’t have survived the firing, but the little blue sample below was a last minute trial and that has processed beautifully.

At the moment I am exploring the potential of this medium and how it could be introduced within my textile work – and how my textile work could be connected with this glass medium. There is much to learn about sulphur and copper based glasses and their resultant effects when they combine with glass from the same and different families – there is much to learn about colour and the chemical reactions with these pigments due to the metal from which they are based.


My youngest daughter also joined me and we had made a solids sample together at the end that has a clear show of the different effects of the metals – the french vanilla frit was dusted over a stencil across the whole yet where it lays on different colourways it ranges from vanilla to agate to brown:


A sample board with all my glass experiments:


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