T1: MMT: Pt3: Pj2 v – additional samples

Considering the internal shape of myself and the internal shape of the writing I wanted to create a sample that contrasted 3d writing with 3d suprasemic writing to compare the effect. Having had my nurturing wander by the beach I noticed traces of ‘script on all sorts of forms’ this is the handwriting of the sea on these materials. The bone fragment being both the writing of the sea (the gesture of the seas) and the writing of genes. All these marks can be a form of gesture – not mark-making. The gesture: the movement of the sea, of time, of the weather on these surfaces – not a painter’s stroke. The traces are rather the gesture of Nature itself – simply the sea expressing itself upon the surface – the unconscious, movement:

Rowell 1972: ‘The stroke is a technique of communication, the gesture is a dialogue within the self.’

I sense already there will be a natural transition into the next part of MMT: printing – since many of these thoughts and images lend themselves to be explored in this way too.

But for now I’m enjoying freeing the writing from the page and from the confines of word-sense. For the moment writing is free to be soulsense.

Handwriting to handwritten.

Lifting them off the page.


One to be frozen – water as a resin substitute, ice as a message. (Thanks Kate for the suggestion- looking forward to result).

The other- hung out to dry on the plaster cast sample of a carrier bag wrung out and stretched against its purpose.

I can say it no better than sharing (again I suspect) one of my favourite poems by one of my favourite poets Thomas Transtromer:

‘Weary of all who come with words, words but no language

I make my way to the anow-covered island.

The untamed has no words.

The unwritten pages spread out on every side!

I come upon the tracks of deer in the snow.

Language but no words.’

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