T1: MMT; pt3 Pj2 vi

Altering earlier samples that gave little visual appeal.

Thanks to anh515848 for the suggestion to cut into the resin samples. It has been done. Cut then polished.

If you can just make out the line that forms the trace where the paper has been cut…it’s this that excites me the most. I’ll try and sketch that line to make it more clear:

And this offers far more visual impact.

Curious how these seem hollow  process pieces now that I’m on the scent of the pre-gestural, the internal writing. Curious what writing these encasulated forms trace on their cut faces.

3 thoughts on “T1: MMT; pt3 Pj2 vi

  1. A trace of a gesture is not a mark? It seems important to you to make a distinction. Curious.


    1. Yes. I am. Very. Puzzle myself sometimes! Curious is a polite version of what I’m usually described as. I think ‘headcase’ is the next polite term!! I love how you pick me up on things. Thank you. I’ll explore this further…see if it is what I mean or not!


      1. Then we’re both curious. I felt a stronger reaction than seemed warranted and I’m curious about the difference. Just a matter of perspective, or a cultural / language thing (definite meaning as well as pronunciation shifts between countries)? A slightly tender patch that could reveal something interesting if poked?

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