Sketching Pt3

Brain-melting thinking day.

I have been up since 3.30am. I apologise for typos and incoherence. I am writing because my brain has gone into overdrive and I’m hoping a spill on the page will let me switch off.

Thinking today has evolved from considering ‘personal voice’ that I have come to a conclusion equates to setting up my own artistic enquiry, following what arises, documenting it, refining it and sharing my discoveries – learning processes and concepts along the way that facilitate this.

Then my brain whizzed off again considering the notion of artistic intention in the light of Michaux’ work and neurophenomenology which brings me to a current question as to the phenomena of drawing itself. If ‘art’ or creating is part of the blueprint of our mind, our mind’s very mechanics, it is through un/sub and consciousness that it is translated before delivery to the world. If this is the case drawing is thereby an embodiment of my temporal perceptual experience brought to the plane (currently experimenting with both 2 and 3-d). It is my current experience of the world acted upon by memory, perception, consciousness let alone gesture, bodily engagement, and movement. Which kind of stymies the concern for skill. It does open me up to experimenting further with exploring drawing as a language by which I can communicate what is going on in my brain when I ‘see’ or ‘feel’ my world. This thinking reintegrates drawing and sketching as part of me, rather than an external activity. In the process of rebuilding me, by trying to recreate my internal language on the page I witness not a fragmented self, but a whole being.

Quick sketch of sample on phone app to tune myself in without fear of wasting paper.

From phone app to paper picking up the main lines where the plaster cast catches my attention.


Back to the music: listening and painting that language. A3 & watercolour. My middle daughter thinks this looks like Hebrew. It obviously says ‘language’ to her.


On the horizontal plane. Another track – other marks. I was considering running a craft knife around the ‘letters’ and raising them to see the effect. I didn’t trust myself with dangerous implements today. Need more sleep first!


Exploring using layers of sketch with an initial biro recount of the movement in my brain, then a watercolour layer of how the music feels in my body.

I felt bereft of colour so pulled out the oil pastels. This is only cheap watercolour paper and the surface was not very conversant with this medium. So I pushed on an added a final layer of watercolour wash. I like the effect where is has pooled in the lowered dents.

Next explore was to refine the line and be sparing – to say less, but hopefully convey more!


This time I introduced coloured inks as I wanted their permanency and stain quality.

But I still missed the 3D. Onwards again:

This time adding silver thread, cream cotton thread and pink 3d pen layer. Still wants to be more 3d. It is calling to be picked off the page and reveal itself like a tornado or spindle of whizzing electrical sparks and sketch. It needs animating. It needs to move. It needs to be off the page.


The sketches in series. They become more energetic as they go along, the top being the first, the bottom the last. The addition of colour and the reduction of marks is something with which I am pleased. Yet it still needs to be off that page.

It’s like looking at energy roadkill at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Sketching Pt3

  1. Energy roadkill – excellent phrasing! Enjoyed this from top to bottom, especially first sketch, first photo and the penultimate sketch that reminds me of a particularly vibrant hairband that my daughter would love. I think you have nailed why I will always play my sax – it’s a creation that rises “off the page”, it has range, it has expression (I hope!) and it has a transience that I enjoy. I’m a long way off being as good as I’d like to be, but I know I can never stop because it’s as much a part of me as arms and legs and reading.


    1. Great comment Kate. It’s these layers of ourselves that make up what we bring to the page (the film). In a world full of sound these blogs can deliver a strange silence that none of us carry around inside. I’m sure the richness of your sax would make a brilliant layer to your photography.

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  2. This makes a lot of sense, Lottie. The energy of the final two images in particular just fizzes off the page and suggests that, if you’re (re)constructing a language or finding one, then it is certainly tapping into something rich inside you. The the biro with watercolour then the pink/purple/black arc suggest the many meanings going on at any one time.


  3. Thank you for your reading Julie (and those words reach me loud and clear – you haven’t lost it…perhaps those that aren’t hearing you aren’t worth worrying over?) Many meanings yes, and many listeners/observors inside too. It’s like the drawing is witness rather than evidence.


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