T1: MMT; Pt3: sketching as reflection

Before I complete the reflection for Assignment 3 I just want to push a few more sketches and work with the 3d pen.

Tonight I was considering the work of Claude Heath and his landscape sketches. I wanted to see how the 3d pen held to a translucent surface so I rooted out some old ohp translucencies. The grip was great. When I rolled the sample into a tube it released the ‘writing’ yet the static charge held enough to the tube so that it didn’t all drop out. This gave me some very pleasing visual effects that I have photographed and sketched.

This creates some great reflections and transformations.

Looking down the tube. I forgot I’d left some pink in the pen so the first few cms came out pink into black. However, I like this signature! It recalls the red heart in the sketch for Pt 2:



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