Considerations pre-Part 4

I’ve been stalling a little before I start this part as I had to have a mental shift.

Living in a house of girls, teenage girls predominantly, print is big this season. I feel overwhelmed, saturated, sensory-overload at the exposure to printed clothing, scarfs, bags, books, pens… that I have been immersed in. I don’t do shops. I get overwhelmed and living in a village, I get a bit Johnny Country Mouse when I go into town. But when there are birthday voucers to be spent, the tri-annual pilgrimage descends. Wow, there is so much print out there! It has been like being back in Hell n’ Earth (toys r us) for me. Too much colour, too much for sale, too high shelves, too full shelves, groaning commerce, too much noise, too many flashing lights. I feel sick with it in the same way you do when you’ve eaten too many sweets. All systems overload.

So, I’ve had to wait for the sick feeling to settle so I can look at this project with unsated eyes.

I have sketched with black ink, a fine brush, fine lines – a bit like a drawing diet of toast and water in an effort to clear and settle my senses.

Top left was trying to explain what happens when I returned from town: bubbles, invasive hit lines, and so much mental noise. The cat on the right helped settle me, she stayed put so I could draw her simpler yet. 4 lines. The other curves sketched in the bottom left were lines that I used to recentre me and reground me. I wanted to see if it worked both ways – that I coud project my energy on to the page, but also if I could project a desired state on to the page and in drawing it absorb it. I’m going to experiment with this further.


2 thoughts on “Considerations pre-Part 4

  1. What beautiful drawings – the simplified cat is lovely. Interesting thought about absorbing calmness or otherwise from your work – I tend to think of it as cathartic, but you could be onto something there with that ‘flow’ feeling.

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  2. I’d say there could be a two-way process with the drawing. These are lovely, Lottie, both cats and especially the second, simplified one. Looking at the first cat, it could be the thought of the sleeping cat which creates a feeling of calm when looking at this, but no way to identify the second as a cat so it MUST be the lines themselves which are calm/calming – to the viewer. And I definitely get the horror of shopping from those three pages – not intended for an audience, but clearly communicating nevertheless.

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