T1: MMT: Pt 4: Project 1: monoprinting ex 1

Day 2: Exercise 1

Having experimented with the gelli plate, how to put the paint on (using a gouache ready mix type child’s paint since it’s here, available and I’m not going to worry about experimenting excessively due to ink costs). I’ve learnt how to clean the plate and today decided for Day 2 to experiment with one colour and some found objects as stencils or mark-making tools (I suppose an early introduction to ex.4?)

Gallery below shows mix of positive and negative images selected 1st print and 2nd print from same surface.

I used white printer paper and a small sections of white cotton/polyester cloth for the feather. The above samples are my selection from day 2’s printing. there are some more samples that are ineffective at the moment, but I am not binning them – I’m saving them to overwork – perhaps in a different colour, with stitching, drawing, overprinting.

I have discovered that I don’t like the confines of the plate edges/boundary so I like the works which have indistinct edges. I love the amount of detail the positive image includes – especially of the woven and lace fabrics. I like the fading contrasting with sharpness and I am also drawn by features that are indistinct – the reason for this is I don’t get the point of a monoprint that you could just paint. I will have to overcome this. I want a print that is saving an impression of something that I wouldn’t be able to preserve otherwise – or that details a part that I wish to be focused on. The scrunched paper lifted piece holds much potential as I wouldn’t normally be able to see this patterning. The cheesecloth type fabric recalls the Victorian prints in sewing books and the like. The wire creates a brilliant shape and division both as a positive and negative image and certainly begs to be a part of something layered.

The images that are most exciting are below. The feather – the shape, the detail, the design, the composition interest me. The piece that speaks to me most is the print from the fabric offcut I used in ATV.

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