T1: MMT: Pt 4: Pj 1 v

I decided to brave the critique area of the forum to take some feedback on the ‘green heart’ print. I was quite taken aback by the range of responses and pleased to welcome feedback from those in other faculties – I suppose because this is paint and paper other students felt more equipped to comment on this work.


The conversation need not be repeated here, but you may read the thread (if you’re on OCA) here. I wanted to respond to the feedback creatively rather than in words, so switched everything that had been commented on: removed the dictionary page and substituted it with pastel paper; changed the green for a more real brown/red; and played with the placement of the heart form. 20160613_213227.jpg

Clive made a very important point to stop when a work says ‘me’. What is hard is knowing what ‘me’ looks like. I am still searching for print that seems other enough to be me. Do I need to change the surface I’m printing on? Ideas playing around in my head are to do with manipulating the surface then printing, or making layers of surface then printing. Do I need to embellish with stitch? I’m not sure. I do know that I’m after the more symbolic than figurative, that the placement of elements impacts the audience’s interpretation and colour has a definitive punch.

What is wonderful about the gelli plate is that I can produce the above in half an hour while tea is cooking. the preparation in my head might take days and hours but the process is much quicker than with a traditional plate and press. Perfect for sampling.

5 thoughts on “T1: MMT: Pt 4: Pj 1 v

  1. I’m really taken with the placement of the central image in the fourth from end image (the pinkish one) and the one after that, the negative print with a few faint marks running through it – quite tantalising. The shape in the centre looks alive and writhing; makes me think Medusa. I agree with you about the gelliplate – what it lacks in subtlety it makes up for in speed and flexibility.


  2. Lovely thought, Inger. Although I found the Yarn tasks rather straining at the time, I’ve found myself returning to the ideas and samples on MMT. I’m already looking forward to how you take your beautiful yarn samples forward.


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