6 thoughts on “Tutor Report Lottie Adams MMTex 3.pdf

  1. Well done, Lottie. Such personalised, detailed feedback and it is gratifying to see your tutor responding so fully to your open and personal approach to your creative processes. Wish I could share that sketchbook!


  2. So lovely to see your creativity recognised and such great pointers and references for going forward. Very happy for you, and yes the sketchbook sounds great!


    1. Maybe I should make an album to share of the sketchbook? To me it’s nothing out of the ordinary so it might be useful to have some feedback from yourselves?

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      1. You could do a little video with the pages turning and share that maybe? I only really got going with my logbook part way through the course, it’s now part record, part album, part pop-up, part fold-out…. I can’t wait to get on with the next one.

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  3. Hi Lottie, congratulations on your feedback reflecting such depth in your work. I’d love to share an album of your sketchbook, if you’re offering! Also, I have a copy of the Sara Impey book that your tutor recommended, I’d be pleased to find a new home for it, so if you’re interested, email to let me know where to send it.


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