T1: MMT: Pt4 Pj1 vi

Last samples for this exercise. (I think).

Having suggested to myself that I wanted to print to tissue paper I did. I bought some coloured tissue and selected green, blue and yellow acrylic to work with and limited myself to the wire, yarn and knitting sample for the mark-making.


I was worried the tissue would rip and tear as it would absorb too much ink, but I was surprised to find this was not the case.


The prints were reasonably crisp but no surprising results that make me want to investigate this combination further at this time. What I did begin to think about was the coloured background. What if I printed to a transparent layer so the only colour would be the printing ink itself – there wouldn’t even be the white. Then I thought that is I used transparent layers of print I could recombine to different effect, changing the order and rotation and reversing surfaces. I found some old ohp transparency paper and experimented with just that.

First the single layers:

I used the backing grid paper to clean the gelliplate or to remove the negative of the red print so I was left with a  useable positive print:


20160618_115932.jpgAfter that I played with recomposing the layers:

Using the white paper so I could see the forming compositions gave me another idea: what would be the impact of changing the background colour? I used the tissue paper to give pure matte colour:

The surface is inevitably reflective due to the ohp ground so I took a close up of a small area of the 3 layered print and simply placed a different colour tissue behind. Really able to appreciate the colour interplay with this experiment.

I wonder what would happen if I put the dictionary behind all this?!

8 thoughts on “T1: MMT: Pt4 Pj1 vi

  1. Good work with the colours, Lottie. I tried printing in layers onto acetate but was very underwhelmed. Going to go back and put some colour underneath it now! Please do the dictionary experiment too.


  2. These are so engaging! Really good physical layers and colour. Really inspiring too, as I have some background thinks going on about layering photos with fabric/translucent/transparent materials or onto them and it’s good to see your ideas working so well. I really like the last one with it’s beach-hut pastel background strips.


      1. There is a website, which I have of course lost, that has a myriad of things you can put in an inkjet printer, from acetate to lawn, linen, cottons… I will refind it. There is something about the juxtaposition of image and fabric that gets me going. I’m hoping that EYV will give me the chance to play, otherwise I’ll just have to do it anyway. Even those sheets of tissue paper in old albums make me happy, it’s the way they bring texture and sound to an otherwise essentially visual experience.


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