T1: MMT; Pt4: Pj1 viii

I’ve been thinking about my feedback, sharing and listening to advice from my OCA friends and asking for some extra clarification from my tutor. I need to write to think. However, I also need to ensure that I am meeting the needs of my audience which are twofold: my course peers and assessors.

So, I’m going to experiment with a paper journal for all my tangents and thinking that eventually consolidates into a forward motion in my work – I can then share the breakthroughs and breakdowns in a more concise and accessible form online – or as my tutor advised, imaging the blog is a piece of music – I don’t need all the tuning of instrument, and trying out instruments and scale practice in details here. I need the hit piece of music that goes straight to the heart. I’m going to experiment and see for this current part – so long as I am still writing I’m still thinking but I can evaluate the impact of the work condensed in this way. We’ll see.

My blue bag is back so I’ve videoed the sketchbook – my word I’m having difficulty uploading the video. I’ve shrunk it, removed sound and still it won’t upload to my library. I shall persevere.

In the meantime the photos are slowly uploading.

Tonight I have tried to push the bloodied samples in a number of directions whist maintaining the same combination of media. On the left is the previous sample, then I tried a flat page and no space. There felt a lot of story here, if you found this page in a book you would be full of questions and possibly quite distressed – it distresses me as it feels more bloody and smeared and left behind after some crime. The right hand sample uses crumpled white tissue under strips of dictionary overlayed with gelliprinted acetate. This rh sample feels too controlled and intended. I am attracted to the accidental feel of the other 2 sample – they seem to hold more narrative than structure if that makes sense.


After this I wanted the space between again. Using crumpling techniques from earlier parts in the course I manipulated the dictionary page, placed it over some off white cotton with threaded edges and then laid the acetate on top. Still not enough distance between the layers.

I wound a spiral of florist wire and inserted this between layers. This gave me the camber on the acetate that I was after, but it also made taking pictures very difficult because of the reflections this surface now entertained. Nevertheless, it is the longest day and it is still light and it’s 9.30 at night. I love light. I really love light.

Now there are new questions for me – process and content focused.

Have I gone too far from the exercises? Is this mini-series exhausted for now or will it reveal more possibilities?

Time to grapple with the video while I let the ideas sift into my brain.


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