Response to tutor feedback ass.3

I have annotated my feedback and been dwelling on it before I consolidated my ideas in a post.

It has been really helpful to have a critical eye cast over my work as my tutor has not only been able to give me direction and refinement advice, but is noting emerging themes.

Emerging themes/ lines of enquiry noted in feedback

‘ a focus upon the inner landscape, gestural expression, and the inner form or writing or expression.’

‘unraveling the inner machinations of our minds or souls.’

‘relating to the inner landscape, unexpressed, inner language or workings beneath the text.’

‘the interpretable, jumbled, fragmented, hidden language…what to reveal or conceal, giving glimpses, enticing te viewer into wanting more.’



It might be advantageous to go back and look at areas identified as requiring revisiting:

The paperclay odds and ends pot: ‘A great experiment, perhaps worth extending, with refining, taking the most successful elements and recasting. Making a mini-series.’

Look again at labelling: ‘I would recommend that you clearly either label photographic images or list components. Example@ Sample 2, resin, 3d pen, plastic water bottle, frozen water.  This makes it much easier for me, and assessors to locate and identify experiments tested.’ Duly noted. To action.

I need to look again at the post I wrote concerning gestures and marks as I have evidently expressed something that is presumptive. ‘Remember validity is in the eyes of the viewer.’

Areas to take forward and develop:

Continue to explore medium of resin due to successes in this assignment.

‘Consider testing other materials, I can imagine free falling strands of words, slipping language, squashed vocabulary, spiky, harsh, curses, there is so much more to explore.’

Continue with investigation of ‘music informing mark-making.’

‘Extend your testing of materials. Perhaps explore traditional materials against unconventional properties. Keep pushing the boundaries.’

Immediate action

With Part 4, I have been working immediately on what seemed to me to be the most critical part of my feedback: ‘Be confident in your self-analysis, and analytical abilities, take time to access exactly what you want to express.’

I have therefore tried to implement some specific changes in the way I work. I have my sketchbook as usual, printing samples have been grouped into a portfolio labelled with the day of production – showing a chronology. But I have also taken a step back to reflect and understand what is being asked of me: in my making, on this course, in my reflection, through my research. I have been a little anxious to really prove that I’m doing all the things I do: the reading, the writing, the thinking, the questioning, the sampling – worried perhaps that others will be unable to see the ‘behind the scenes’ work. But, through this feedback I’m recognising that I can still do all these things, but it doesn’t all have to be blogged – so I’m experimenting with a journal – all the little research offshoots and tangents are gathered, but when the main shoot of work evolves, then I can blog this. I can keep a record of the reading by maintaining my Bibliography. Ultimately, the influences and critical studies should ‘stimulate exciting and varied lines of enquiry’ which will be evident in the progression of pieces.’It is on occasion difficult to identify the most important aspects of your enquiries.’ I need to signpost these in my blog, the journal writing can explore the paths to get there. ‘With heavy bodies of text it takes a long time to get to the main focus of investigation.’ This is of no help when assessors have 45 mins! A journal will allow me to combine text and visuals for more fluency. Asking for clarification from my tutor as to whether a journal would be an accurate means of investigating this feedback and development point she said something that made it all crystal clear.

‘I believe that writing is an essential element to your work.  It is key to unlocking ideas, concepts and personal philosophy.  Within your writing you are able to locate key factors that become drivers to create work.

Therefore, it is ‘a must’, that you continue to be able to express these thoughts and emotions.  Imagine that your blog will one day be your connection to the art world.  You decide how much you wish to disclose… Encapsulate those amazing feelings, emotive subjects and philosophies.  Imagine a song that really says everything you are feeling, how it touches us for that one moment – it is a direct hit!’

This makes sense. The song for the blog!

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  1. I thought when I read your feedback that the music analogy was very helpful – and maybe particularly pertinent to you. I use my sketchbook as a journal now – most of the thinking goes in there rather than the blog. Up side – not technology dependent, easy to mull over and revisit; downside – no one shares it, no immediate feedback as on the blog. I really miss that. This is a carefully considered response to excellent feedback, hopefully you’ll find a compromise that works well for you.

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  2. You seem to have read and considered everything your tutor has suggested: a good example to us all of how to act proactively to advice given. Just awaiting my tutor’s first comments on my first set of drawings – a nerve-wracking time!


  3. Lots to think about here.
    ‘Remember validity is in the eyes of the viewer.’ – my initial feeling is irritation. It sounds a bit sanctimonious. Aren’t we our own viewers, when we reflect on what we make? Plus who are these others who validate us and our work? Each viewer brings their own experiences and responds in their own way, so it’s true… but it’s not the whole truth and I’m not convinced it’s the most important.

    Having said that – your visceral wounds… my own reading of bleeding womb shouts so loudly (miscarriages, ectopic, AUB…) that I find it hard to hear/see anything else. Does unintended meaning invalidate or add validation to your own meaning? I think that’s an unhelpful, distracting question.

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    1. I’m going to get back to you on this. Pick your brains. Mine’s done in for tonight, but I’ll be back badgering you soon enough!


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