T1: MMT: Pt 4: Pj 2: ex 1 & 2 collatype

This post was evidently not ready for the world until today. I posted on Monday and it refused to upload. I posted last night and three paragraphs in this sad little face came up on wordpress saying ‘uh-oh something went wrong’ and deleted the whole post again. Recognising what I’m up against today I started with a different approach – I typed into word and saved it to copy and paste here. Oh, and I did some work worth posting about too!

The ethers have been conspiring.

Rather than starting with talking about all the research and deliberating further on why I hate the notion of collatype and the pointlessness of further sample making when I have a mini series emerging (‘Not all Wounds are Visible’) I grasped the proverbial bull by the horns, bought some shop’s own filler, went through all my beach finds from the last few days camping and forced myself to get making and get this section over with.

I am in hell in my head at the moment- where I thought things couldn’t get any worse and life showed me that yes, actually they could- this kicked me in touch with triggering my ‘you can’t break me’ attitude. As in life, so in Art. I shall just do these tasks and free myself of the disappointment I feel at the course materials here. Not everything should be inspirational. This part is not for me. That’s not to say it won’t be for someone else. I just need to knuckle down and deliver. Be professional and business like about this part.

I even resented having to find a ruler and making 10 ‘even’ sections. Come to think of it now, I don’t know why I didn’t get a circle and divide that up into 10 segments.


But, it was a start and broke the silence that has been the current mode of making.

For exercise 1 I followed instructions smothering the board with glue, sticking down the finds, then wallowing these in more glue and setting this aside in the sun to dry – and touching it now it still needs an overnight full dry.

Then, for exercise 2 I got the filler which I hated working with. It wouldn’t adhere to the card surface. It wouldn’t spread. I then decided that I wouldn’t fight it but use this to my advantage, making the pasting of the board the process of mark-making. Then I tried using a pencil rolled to alter one sample area, a pencil point to stab another, a thorned-stem from the rose bush to make marks in a third section and finally I pushed a leaf onto a 4th surface and lifted it away (taking most of the filler with it in the process).  Set aside to dry to tomorrow for printing. Which leaves exercise 3 and then the summary and review of the whole part.


It would appear from my blog though that the research section for printing has been scant. This is very far from the truth and deserves a summative post in and of itself.

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