3am how familiar we have become.

Abstract. Am I right in art that abstract means having no meaning? Or have I got this wrong. Abstract Expressionist. How can this be? Symbolism? Gestural?   Eurghh…. Where does my work fit in? 

Nothing more deep than deciding what to tag my work with on instagram but oh how my mind enjoyed this at 3am!!

Also- if you mixed brusho with pva what happens? Would it dye beautifully or marble. Would it drip like the drip you’re supposed to avoid when painting interiors in gloss. Would it be to hot to experiment today? What happens if I put the painting in the fridge – weirder things have been found in there before-?

Oh 3am. How I love you…

2 thoughts on “3am how familiar we have become.

  1. I am no expert but I don’t think abstract implies no meaning. I think it’s more about having abstracted the meaning out of the figurative work, so that what you’re left with is all meaning. Or something like that.


    1. Thanks Ros. This makes more sense of the impression I get from works classified as such. I find terms such a muddle of language and pomp at times. Your explanation is succinct and graspable. Thank you.


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