Acting on 3am thoughts

After much support and deliberation in my thoughts on blogging and The Journal, its place with me being a beginner artist and artist undergoing assessment: I have decided. Blog. Print. Post-it for assessors.

Why? Oh you know…bloody-mindedness. Selfishness. Because I cannot cut the words from my work without cutting the soul out of it at risk of some considerable blood letting! Because I NEED IT. The blog validates. It is my interface with my thoughts and my fellow creatives. Without being too dramatic, my work starves without me filling up on writing. I truly don’t understand why this platform is more creative for me than a simple paper journal, or typing to a private screen. But it is.

There. I’ve said it.

Oh, that’s straight out of ‘Room with a View’ when George has to tell Lucy that the postcards were covered in blood so he had to throw them in the Arno.  Well I’m throwing those bloodied postcards in the Arno and getting back to living.

First experiments after 3 am considerations.

Yes pva works with brusho, in dilute form too. Eventually found the best viscosity that allowed me to splatter and dribble paint. Now waiting for it to dry to see whether it realises the raised form I’m after.

Next experiment on calico. Just enjoying the movement of the paint and the movement of making.

Is this going to inform Part 5? I don’t know yet. Trying to shed the burden of academic validation. It’s a sneaky delusion that does not serve me.

5 thoughts on “Acting on 3am thoughts

  1. Ironically, in shedding the burden of academic validation, I think you’re more likely to do even better in your academic assessment, if that makes sense. It seems to liberate.
    On blogging, I’ve been giving this some thought. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, but whereas I can write any old mush in my sketchbook – notes, drivel, complete contradictions – and just stop mid-sentence if I reach a dead end, blogging forces me to at least complete each sentence and push myself to try to make sense of the words inside. It’s not so much about having an audience as about getting what’s inside properly out into a new place, whereas the sketchbook is still closed and partially inside. Or something like that.

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    1. That’s a very astute observation Julie. It is like that. Each word is rolled over and sentence crafted in a much more deliberate and open way than the sketchbook. This analogy is great.

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