More energy paintings

Yesterday’s dried first experiment:

These energy/movement experiments are on a roll. I’m not sure where this is going but I’m letting it follow its own demands.
Continued to work with black and brilliant red brusho, black biro, black ink, and turquoise and orange pva/brusho mix. Had fun dribbling from different heights using the floor as the easel. I used one last sheet of A1 cartridge paper  (but I was too precious with this paper wanting to make something good enough to have used this up for – fatal).

Then I used cheap A4 printer paper to free up:

There are some further dried samples which are on khadi paper (I didn’t get the raised drip I was looking for with the pva but I did gain a singing intensity of colour that retains a shine).
I really wanted to explore what it feels like in me. What internal movement I can sense. I therefore closed me eyes and moved bodily. These emerged with a calligraphic quality as well as an inclusion of asemic writing. Some of them came with a title, others just presented on the page. Curious exploration going on here. Trying not to over analyse it yet and risk  stopping it in its tracks!

I had a go on calico. The paint simply beads and pools unless I make the paintbrush and calico meet. This could be used for effect. Once the paint dries though it is flat again.

Though there is still a link to the soldering experiments in earlier parts.

Sorted to favour:

When I looked at this again I recalled those iconic sacred hearts. Curious. Maybe something here.

Love the simplicity and directness of this. 

The above image interests me and needs sitting with for a bit.

This piece asked to be called ‘Mother Tongue’ with all the ambiguities and various readings implicit to the phrase.

My brain is desperate to try and turn these into something: working samples for a ‘final piece’, looking for the narrative in them,  trying to explain them, wondering if I should bring them together as a series. 

I’m going to do some serious physical labour today away from these before my brain gets in the way and messes everything up. Off to help Mr Man find the floor of his workshop. Sometimes doing something unrelated and physically involved allows the epiphanies to arrive!

4 thoughts on “More energy paintings

  1. Sorting the workshop sounds good therapy. These drawings have such fire and to me are resonant of Eastern calligraphy (not that I’m an expert). I like the way the liquid stands proud on the calico, gives it a touchable-ness kind of like braille or morse code.


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