Part 5: Stage 3: Samples

I’ve continued with the visual research into my own ideas and those of others to me. Yet the energy, gestural drawings constantly draw my attention. I’ve explored further ways of mark-making and sequence of creation. I’ve also varied the way I’ve set the asemic text – as little tags or as complete ‘sentences’, in others more like a whole text.

This most recent sketch has been much busier yet offers me various points of interest within the whole.

We have some old mattress springs lying around that are begging to be used. Thinking of how a coiled spring stores energy I wondered how I could utilise these into a wrapped form of the soundpaintings.

The 2 samples below are a start, but I can feel that the form that is calling to be wrapped is not figurative. The wrapped central spiral in the top row that uses embroidery thread, curled wire, mattress spring and red florist wire is offering itself up for further investigation and I have sketched many ideas from this in my journal.

I wanted to take this sample further and see how it works as a hidden structure wrapped in acetate and paper so that when you look down is like a kaleidoscope the energy and reflection is revealed.

The next sample offers me the route that is suggesting itself for the final piece. AS can be seen I created another gestural sketch, crumpled this, pierced it and embroidered it under the machine making further tears and knots as the weight of the khadi paper refused to co-operate with the machine and threads. I then pierced this with the mattress springs. This piece is now on hold as I am interested in discovering whether to suspend it within an acetate ball. Finally, I rolled and sewed an acetate tube and posted the sample from above inside it. I then wrapped this in plain white paper and looked down the tube to photograph the resulting 3d image of the energy drawings. This now seems to be the direction that is more natural to me at this time.

3 thoughts on “Part 5: Stage 3: Samples

  1. The piece with the spring (above, centre) really speaks of escaping tension and exploding energy (creativity?). The view through the tube gives an entirely different feel to me – like peering through a microscope at a specimen? Great to hear that you have found a mode of expression to pursue!


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