Colliding Connections

Jennifer sent me a perfect connection today that would otherwise have remained unknown to me: Imran Qureshi. Seeing his work was like hearing my name called from far and recognising it over all the noise of a train station. His leper footprints lingered in my mind reinvigorating my bloody wounds thread. I immediately ordered the Barbican’s text that supported his exhibition there earlier this year and I hunted as much online with regards to his process and thinking as possible.

It is not possible to verbalise the impact effectively. It’s like I thought I was the only person left seeing a forgotten language that I hadn’t heard uttered, then stumbling upon the sound of it clear and true.

Yes there is the obvious bloody splattered similarity, but it is the layering of it – as an overlay to life’s surface, the violent afterimage that changes everything, yet too the life-energy that is bleeding. Loss and growth, violence and healing, fragmentation and wholeness.

Many many neurones started firing.

However, they had to do so in the background as I took my girls on an adventure to the Estuary Festival. It was superb and I may detail works seen later.

But right in the middle of one of the abandoned offices that were used as galleries I spotted something on the floor. It was part of the fabric of the building not the show. My heart raced because instantly everything connected together.

This looks like it may have housed a fire, at sometime have been a fireplace, a hearth with all that denotes…yet a wet chalky stain remained. What if this stain was a bloodied one? What else around the home shouldn’t be denatured with violence yet is when there’s a history of abuse. My brain went into overdrive: setting the table, table cloth, towels where you can never wash away Lady Macbeth style; sinks where the tap water runs red staining the porcelain; windows where the view is besmirched with wounds. Domestic violence doesn’t just alter the past it alters the present with a translucent ghost of the trauma. Having exorcised the wounds from within perhaps they need freeing from the shadows, the walls, the furniture, the very environment. How exciting might this be to investigate? Re-energised and re-focused.

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  1. Oh – how wonderful to see you make such connections. Good news indeed. The interview is super interesting – never knew the indian miniature traditions could be taken to be so utterly contemporary and thought provoking. Absolutely looking forward to see what you will figure out!


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