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  1. ‘The titles that Bourgeois attributed to her work paint explicit visual narratives as much as the drawings she produced. ‘The Stretch’ (2006) and ‘Knots’ (2006) both focus on movement, constriction and physical pain. The compositions depict contorted forms resembling fragmented internal body parts. There is a sense of fear and violence.’


    The above quote came from the writing about an exhibition I’m hoping to go and see – when I read those words it made me think of the work you have been making. I’m sure you will have already looked at her work, but thought I’d flag it up anyway.

    I have submitted my very final assessment for my degree, and now feel as though I’m in a kind of transitional phase, working how to take my work forwards and I think she is an artist I will be investigating further.

    I think the work you have been making is brave and interesting, at times moving and also challenging – but the biggest challenge is keeping going. I hope you keep going and will continue to follow your work with interest.


    1. Thank you for your comment Sue. It is very timely in the light of my feedback. I hope you enjoy Bourgeois – she is one of my inspiratrice. I love the link – so much talent and wisdom in one person.

      Thank you too for your encouragement…


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