Developing monoprint

With part 5 resting with my tutor I have a space to explore these gestural moodscapes further. I’ve uploaded them to the critique section of the forum and a super discussion is developing.

I wanted to explore what happens if these gestural works become as blond-drawing during the process of monoprinting.

I used printing ink on the gelliplate. this dud not allow me to simply pick up the line…but looking again these provided a background.

After several experiments I abandoned the gelliplate and simply sponged the ink onto a plastic chopping board. At last I could pick up the line. 

I sampled working over the gelliplate prints to some effect varying between printing and cartridge paper.

Finally I tried a figurative interpretation of how it feel to be drawing these moodscapes.

I’ve been looking at Tracey Emin’s monoprints this morning and now understand the challenge that writing during this process offers! more to enquire on here.

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