Topography of Harm: series 2 & 3

Series 2: Experimented with different colour splashes. Still love the reds, had to revert to them. The green has some potential as does the orange and grey. The blue lacked quite considerably. There’s always that moment after I’ve applied the first layer of black ink to the biro lines that I worry – shall I stop now. Will I overwork it? But these keep coming so I can afford to take these risks! It also helps to take a before and after photo so I can compare and weigh up the decisions.


After this I completed my postcard for the SAA competition I received.

I wanted to disintegrate the colours from the form of the top section, painted by Jennifer, then I also wanted to pick up the lines from the buildings and draw these down into the lower section as if they were raggedy roots from which the building had grown. I wanted to create a sense of the underground home from which the buildings had evolved.

20161126_121856.jpgSeries 3: I wanted to go tinier still and played with miniatures on a paired composition: 2 mini paintings within a 3″x4″ card. I had found a mini window mount and wondered what the impact of this would be. I decided to stick to biro and ink and remain with a monochrome palette.

I like how I can keep rotating these until I find the final hanging that seems most effective (and that isn’t always the direction they’ve been painted!)


8 thoughts on “Topography of Harm: series 2 & 3

  1. Fascinating. I like your development into other colours, it significantly alters the mood whilst remaining a coherent part of the series. Do you plan to separate the ‘cards’ and shuffle them? I’m really interested in the suggestion of narrative in the sequence; not a simple beginning – middle – end narrative but a sense of ups and downs and ongoing struggle.


  2. A very interesting ongoing series of work, Lottie. I find it impossible to stop looking for recognisable scenes and objects in the variety of lines and marks: water with bull rushes; a face; a rock formation; a map – like looking at cloud formations.


    1. Thanks Julia. I keep looking too and noticing new lines and wrinkles and connections. I wonder what will now happen if I apply this ‘handwriting’ to a figurative scene or landscape?

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    1. Thanks Scottie. I take such importance from you using the term ‘curatorial’ as I am pants at selecting and sorting, so perhaps with the meeting-my-own-needs rather than meeting – assignment – needs I’ve found a freedom to begin to grow these skills?


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