Topography of Harm: Series 5 

I’ve been carrying these cards around for days.  Little disks of potential in my pocket. I’ve shuffled them and spun them like a deck of cards wondering where this Topography wants to go next. 

It would appear it is crying out to go 3d again. I feel I’ve almost looped back round the beginning samples of ATV but at a greater depth. I’m not sure whether this is revealed by the surface?

My chosen 2 out of them all to take forward ‘resilience’ and ‘hope’. The embellished piece ‘hope’ uses scratching and piercing, stitching and beadwork because I am always repelled by the wishy washy  soft and dreamy recreations of pieces that assume this title. To me hope is gritty, and tough and damaged and scarred and pieced together, bloodied and bruised; yet still it surfaces. 

Hope never gave up on me and I on it. 

But now I realise this new series wants to be more than the previous protectors, they want to be amulets. I therefore need to visit both surfaces of them.

9 thoughts on “Topography of Harm: Series 5 

  1. perhaps you could try encaustic painting – create layers of them and scrape away at some parts, to build more layers. I think you can also add objects into the wax to extrude them into 3D more. I’ve only just started using it and can already see some similarities to building sculptures (eg clay) for ‘relief’ style pieces using encaustic


      1. there’s resin painting too for a harder surface – I haven’t tried that one yet. I’ve been inspired by Jasper Johns & Jenny Sages. but I’ve read there’s other artists embedding objects into the wax too

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  2. the text-like language could be layed down on tissue paper (for some transparency) or other types of paper (just remember to add another layer of wax before fusing/heating if using other paper so it doesn’t burn)


    1. Good plan. I’m going to follow this up thanks and see if I can prep some making time for the weekend. I really appreciate your suggestions. The more experiments the happier I am.


  3. I think the idea of amulets really resonates with what you’ve been doing, Lottie. Because of my own current work, when I look at your final images I think of ceramics and stone. In your last couple of posts, the series of cards has reminded me strongly of a fortune-teller’s cards – not that I believe in that at all, but because of the idea that each one seems to contain or suggest a different way forward or experience.

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