muddling the code

Thinking on Inger’s recent visit to CCCB where she saw the Ars Combinatura, Ramon Lull’s ‘Thinking Machine’. This reminded me of the coded work I’ve explored before and those discs that are used as code-breakers. I wanted to disrupt the sense-making further on one of my drawings so cut concentric circles, as a nod to Lull’s fascination with geometric shapes, varying widths; then played with rearranging them. It was enough to read the reference in Inger’s post to inspire (scrambling T-R-U-T-H. Rotating letters as a Material Form of Thought)

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      1. love it… so pleased…you know I had you in my mind while writing up and discovering David Link. For me this article is way to complicated but lots of ‘sparks’ that might light fires….! xx inger

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