Further developments

For those of you who do not access Instagram I shall share my recent developments further to completing the MMT course.

I have decided to go for assessment. I am trying not to overthink it!

I have been using Instagram to teach myself to limit the amount of photos I use to present my work and also to develop the selecting skills that means I can only present 1 or 2 images per day even if I create 20/30 pieces of work. This is proving to be really good training for me and I have found the arts community on this app to be inspiring and accessible. I miss the words but I am trying to let the work speak for itself.

The following gallery presents the sewn shoes made from khadi paper that I entitled ‘Walking wounded’ and sewing with ‘Ugly words’. Instagram enables me to quickly and effortlessly upload a video which for these 2 shoes was a useful means of presenting a 360 degree look.

Then on with the experiments. I’m loving the combination of blind line drawing in black biro, then asemic text on top in black or red ink or watercolour and then washes and sweeps of colour, followed by splatter and splashes.

The next gallery presents the experiments in paper sculpture that the shoes inspired: what would the inner surface of me look like if it were…

…a table den to hide beneath, a secret message hidden in a bottle cast to the tide to be discovered by someone else somewhere else, if the hurtful words were transformed into feathers to fly free, if I were a fairytale landscape…

Screenshots from Instagram of other paper sculpture ideas (as I forgot to save photo…mental note: don’t).

And finally further paint/drawings experiments resulted in my most ‘liked’ piece of 2016. A6 75p sketchbook page – double spread, indian ink, brush & glass pen; wash, splatter, drip, flick, asemic handwriting.


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