Acting on feedback from my tutor for Part 1, I am here creating a page to record references for ease of access. I have now backdated Part 1.


Part 1:

‘The Art of Manipulating Fabric’, Colette Wolff, Krause Publication, 1996, pg 111-114

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‘Paper Works’, Gingko Press,  2012, pg 76 & 77


Part 2:

Tove Jansson, ‘A Winter Book’ (2006) Sort of Books, London pg 76 (Iceberg story connects with the imagery in Pippa Andrews ‘Cabal’)

Tarjei Vesaas, ‘The Ice Palace’ (2009) Peter Owen Publishers, London (Ice layers in Project 2)

‘The Pearl’; ‘Poems of the Pearl Manuscript’; ed. Andrew & Walden (1989) University of Exeter, Exeter pg 53/5 (layers at end of Project 2)

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, ‘Creativity: the psychology of discovery and invention’ (2013) Harper Perenial Modern Classics; NY (on-going research into creativity)

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Ray Bradbury, ‘Fahrenheit 451′ (heating paper)

Ali Shaw, ‘The Girl with Glass Feet’ (broken blue barbie)

Part 3:

‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’, Lewis Carroll (Codex Seraphinianus- asemic written encyclopedia)

Shaun Tan ‘Tales from Suburbia’ (especially ‘Eric’ and ‘Distant Rain’) and ‘The Arrival’.

Thomas Transtromer, ‘New Collected Poems’, Bloodaxe, 2011 pg 134 (‘Language but no words).

‘The Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins’, Wordsworth Poetry Library, Hertfordshire, 1994 (pg 29 ‘The Windhover’ and pg 62 ‘No worst, there is none.’)

Louise Bourgeois (as above)

Anthony Caro, ‘Sculpture towards Architecture’, The Tate Gallery, 1991

Henri Michaux, ‘Thousand Times Broken – Three Books’, City Lights, 2014

Part 4:

Sara Impey, ‘Text in Textile Art’, Batsford, 2013

Tracy Emin, ‘Strangelands’

Cas Holmes, ‘Stitched Stories’, Batsford, 2015

Bessel Van Der Kolk ‘The Body Keeps the Score’ Penguin  2014 – trauma therapy, polyvagal theory and its conenctions to my developing series ‘Not All Wounds Are Visible’ – becoming key text to the driving force behind this part

Suzi Gablik, ‘The Re-enchantment of Art’, Thames and Hudson, 1991

‘Art of Survival’ ed. Elka Kazmierczak, Elka Books for, 2006 – my key influence and inspiratrice

Thomas Monahan, ‘Matta: On the Edge of a Dream’, Skira, 2015

‘That Art of Tracey Emin’ ed. Mandy Merck and Chris Townsend, Thames and Hudson, 2002 – key text to understand the influence and works of Tracey Emin in a contmeporary setting and in their impact of me.

Amy Novesky, ‘Cloth Lullaby: The woven life of Louise Bourgeois’, Abrams Books fro Youg Readers, 2016 – beautiful and poetic edition of the life and work of LB


Part 5:

‘Art and Upheaval; Artists on the World’s Frontlines’, William Celeveland, New Village Press, Oakland CA, 2008 (Clarissa Pinkola Estes inspirational forward; pg 127 & 129: Judith Mason’s ‘The Blue Dress 1’

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Part 1:

“Lady Bird Johnson.” Xplore Inc, 2016. 8 February 2016.

Convention on the Rights of the Child.” Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. < > 21 March 2012.


Part 2: (natures impact on works in progress – fire, earth, air, water) e.g. Satndard Trintiy. loosest-sense/ (first interview with Pippa Andrews – beadweaving) (second interview with Pippa Andrews – structural form) (gallery of works for joining) (group sharing including artists to research: Barbara Cotterell, Pippa Andrews) (layers of life & making connection) (Soroptimist activism: joining & connection) (Maasai cricket team against FGM – frontline activism) (glass textiles) (The Grove – sculptural sanctuary with antenna) (Steiner psychic anenna and biodynamic farming)–It-accident.html (Silbury Hill theory in the media) (Fibonacci and Phyllotaxis) (Charlie Parker quote) (process of creating hand sculpture for Quay church by Rick Kirby) (sculptor’s website)


Part 3: (concrete moulding) (collaborative site for quirky objects by Daniel Arsham) (plaster cast plant tiles) (Containers)!studio/cbq (collaborative glass artist with Jackie Abrams) (Henri Michaux -surrealist poet and artist- inspired animation by Joachim Koester) (James Barry) (Peter Schwenger – writing on liminal works and asemic art) (artist working with re-orienting writing to affects its communication) (artist working with paper handwriting – rather than writing on a paper surface) (Anita Bruce connecting through John Clare’s actual handwriting) (Mary Lloyd Jones – Welsh artist with interest in early Ogham alphabet (artist who combines embroidery and poetry successfully in 2d and 3d) (3d/4d artist with drawings/sketches that speak of a linear abstract nature – introduced to me by Inger). (museum exhibiting ‘The Language Landscape’ by Steven G Bonfield (Roaslind Franklin photo 51)

Part 4: (haptic art exhibition in Switzerland) ( Laxmi Jhunjhnuwala’s multi-sensory art) (textile artists working with heart motif)

domestic violence uk

‘Gap in the Dyke’ Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

‘Monk by the Sea’ Friedrich

Nala Lubelski (artist who embroiders stains – recommended by Ingrid)

Simon Sonsino (textual artist – recommended by Nina)

Fiona Banner (artist using inverted text at times – recommended by Jennifer in critique)


Part 5: (The Blue Dress 1) (wrapped reliquary and figurines)



Part 1:

Huguenot Museum, Rochester: jacquard silk cards

Walpole Bay: natural puncturing


Part 2:

Down House – Darwin’s Home

Chistlehurst Caves – light encroaching on the dark

Rochester Cathedral – angel exhibition

Ramsgate- Pegwell Bay (rock strata, colour and form & hag stones)- Richborough (Roman Fort)

Woodbridge – the Tide Mill (patterns and mechanics)

Sutton Hoo; Silbury Hill – ancient green mounds

Woodbridge – Key Church  & Canterbury – Marlowe Theatre-welded art of Rick Kirby

West Midlands Safari Park (antlers & horns)

Huguenot Museum (Bible baked in bread)


Part 3:

Margate – beach, Dreamland, Turner Contemporary

The Wellcome Collection, London

MoMA, Machynlleth, Powys (exhibition of Steven G Bonfield)

Part 4:

North-Kent Beaches

The Sun Pier Gallery: Sun Pier House

Hastings & Jerwood Gallery

Maidstone Museum

Spitfire Museum Manston Kent


Part 5:


Tilbury International Cruise Terminal

Southend-on-Sea pier

Will Adams Festival (Taiko drumming/Japanese Calligraphy) Gillingham

Sun Pier House

Nucleus Arts


St Andrews Arts Centre



Part 1:

Bentliff Art Gallery, Maidstone ‘The Magic of Masks and Puppets’

Nucleus Arts Gallery, Chatham ‘Christopher Sacre’


Part 2:

‘Rust and Bloom’ Hannah Maybank – Rochester Art Gallery (decay and renewal)

‘Angels’ Lady Chapel, Rochester Cathedral (wired feathers and leaf-like veins)

Part 3:

The Turner Contemporary: Yinka Shonibare & Joachim Koester ‘The Other Side  of the sky’ and ‘Seeing Round Corners’

Part 4:

Time: Maidstone Museum

Japanese Prints: Maidstone Museum

Medway Print Festival MPF’16: Survey Show at Sun Pier House, Summer Wayzgoose Print Fair at INTRA, A Victorian Printing Press at The Old Brook Pumping Station

Bitten by Picasso; Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

The Jerwood collection; Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Billy Childish in Print (A Survey): Rochester Art Gallery

Part 5:

The Estuary Festival

Roy Sparkes, Nucleus Arts Centre, Chatham

‘The Mudlarks’ Tideline Art by Nicola White and Xtina Lamb, Sun Pier House Chatham

‘Art from Deathrow’ St Andrews Arts Centre



Part 1:

Part 2:

Nic Webb (Making Accidents Happen)

Part 3:

Elka Kazmierczak, ‘Shortcuts to meaning or diagram and making sense out of image-ext de-signs’: (James Barry) (James Barry) (James Barry)

Peter Schwenger: ‘Asemic Writing: Backwards into the Future’

Elif Ayeter: ‘Text, Typography and Play in the Metaverse’

Jay Hetrick: ‘The neurophenomenology of Gesture in the art of Henri Michaux’

Aprile- Caggiula: ‘About Asemic Writing’

Alex Ashton: ‘Drawing Phenomenological Parallels through Practice-based research.’


Part 4:

Valentina Stefanescu : interaliamag issue on The Heart in Art including article on this artist (recommended by SMGilmore)

Emin and Bourgeois collaboration: Independent

‘Do Not Abandon Me’ exhibition notes

Part 5:

‘Sally Simpson: Objects for an Unknown Future Museum’; Press Release Stanley Street Gallery

‘Sally Simpson Sculptor’ interview by Deborah Blakeley, Feb 2015 (

‘Moby: I’ve always been potentially an annoying, opinionated loud-mouth’, Oct 1, 2016, Kev Geoghegan, BBC News



Part 1:

Part 2:

Nic Webb: (process and product)

Part 3:

Claude Heath ‘Waterfalls’

Part 4:

gelli plate tutorials (sheer fabric)

Tracey Emin on her design for the London Underground  map (

Part 5:

Imran Qureshi at work: The Met

Imran Qureshi on Idea of Landscape Exhibition at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Imran Qureshi: Artist of the Year 2013 at Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle in Berlin

Imran Qureshi: The Violence Affecting us All



Part 1:

Part 2:

Yvonne Rigby’s fused glass Sea Bowl: (1 day glass fusing course attended)

Part 3:

Yvonne Rigby’s ‘Beginner’s Glass’ class (contact details as above) 1 day glass making course

Part 4:

Cas Holmes ‘Sketchbook Development for Textiles Artists’ 1 day mixed media techniques: printing, sketching, mark-making, free-machine stitching/sketching

Part 5:



Part 1: Royksopp

Part 2: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, ‘Sketch’ (2001)

Part 3: Neelix (Progressive Trance)

Part 4: Vaishayas

Part 5:Moby


In addition:


Part 1-3:

‘Creativity: the psychology of discovery and invention’, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Part 4:

‘The Witness of Poetry’ Czeslaw Milosz

Part 5:

‘Making it in the Art World’, Brainard Carey

‘The Red Shoes’, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Sounds True

‘Art Can Heal Your Life, Shuan McNiff, Sounds True