Assignment 5

This being my self-assessment/ reflection review against assessment criteria

Firstly, this assignment aims to build on the on-going feedback from my tutor to condense and be selective with content. I am still struggling with this but hope to show my progress and intention to continually improve.

1: Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I came to this part with a review of all the processes I have learnt for this module. I collated all my images and selected out those which seemed either not fully explored or still seemed to hold potential. I also gathered all the key words for me from this module. Initially I felt I wanted to push the 3d aspect from my energy drawings in order to realise the enquiry: ‘How do I externalise the inner language of my concealed surfaces?’I spent some time working on energy drawings and paintings as preparation, but what became paramount was not simply the composition and use of line and colour – but the actual application of medium. ‘(I didn’t get the raised drip I was looking for with the pva but I did gain a singing intensity of colour that retains a shine).’ Experiments (successful and otherwise) enabled me to hone the visual effect I was after and to practice technical skills – which I then expanded on to the 3d plane. This then sent me of on more research for artists who use wrapping and assemblage in order to start sampling forms using a number of wrapping techniques with varying weights for visual effect. I felt I had perhaps uncovered the technique which I wished to explore in my final piece, but I sat with it an waited as it still didn’t seem resonant or pushed far enough. A timely visit to Estuary 16 Festival helped me realise what I was missing – depth and voice – I had been avoiding the bloodied wounds even though they speak most loudly to me due to the dilemma they had thrown up in my feedback to part 4. However, researching Imran Qureshi opened doors and I recognised what it was I needed to do and thus the processes and technical skills that I could draw on from the course that would allow me to do this. Paper folding, namely pleating and printing suddenly fell into the spotlight and all the previous work on this part was merely scaffold to this point. Posts that detail this include: ‘What I’ve been up to’, ‘Experimental’ , ‘Folding’ and finally ‘Sample Making.’ All this work led to me being able to refine and develop the printing, pleating and joining necessary to deliver the impact of my final piece prototype.

2: Quality of outcome

On part 4 of MMT I received my lowest feedback assessment in this area ‘Competent realisation of ideas- satisfaction presentation of work’. This urgently needed addressing, since in my assessment for ATV I received 60% for this criteria (which was my weakest area then out of all criteria). It is evidently still an area I need to work on as on this course it would appear I’ve fallen even further behind! Feedback suggests this is with regards to sorting and selecting; and condensing and refining my learning log. I write too much and take too many photos. I need to learn how to curate my work. I still need a better understanding of what is expected of me here. I hope that in this Part I have redressed some of these concerns, tightening my blog entries and numbers, and as I discerned my line of enquiry I have become more selective and competent with regards to presenting my work in a coherent manner. Nevertheless, I have much more practice to do on this and I believe this will be an on-going area for development as I mature as an arts student, I am not yet there. But ‘yet’ is a powerful word…

3: Demonstration of Creativity

When I found the meeting of motive and process, purpose and presentation it was no small epiphany. I comprehended the criticism of my tutor in Part 4 and gained a tangible experience of creative inspiration finding a true home, time and voice.

The research was critical to this leap forward, as was the quite right, but quite painful criticism of tutor feedback for part 4 – which has compelled me to push my creativity further and harder to what felt like breaking point but was in fact a breakthrough. I have been challenged to use my creativity in a far more canny and investigative way – leaving a large chunk of enquiry for the audience. This means that my final piece feels other to me, but of me, it carries its own narrative yet can support the narrative and meaning read by its audience. It is still raw and direct and thought-provoking, yet it has some finesse and translucency to it. By this I mean it is not an opaque punch, but a more un-quieting, unsettling suggestion. This has been a defining moment and I thank my tutor for courageously forcing me into what I first perceived as a corner that I had to fight my way out of, but now understand was a problem to solve and a brickwall to bring down so my field of creativity had new room to grow and space to breathe.

4: Context

I believe that the impact of the research I conducted on Judith Mason and Sally Simpson, Rumi, Shelley Goldsmith then later Imran Qureshi as impacted by the exhibitions (Estuary 16 details) I have seen over the course of this part has enabled me to modify my work and act on my tutors concerns in Part 4. I continue to thrive on researching the world of visual arts and creativity but to have found such resonance with another artist previously unknown to me has underpinned my progress and understanding of what I needed to do to move out of the dilemma my bloodied garments of part 4 produced. My research initially into Sally Simpson’s wrapping and later into Qureshi visual work and philosophies propelled my work into a contemporary context rather than simply a personal one. Engaging with this context has paramount to me moving through the struggle of part 4 (both with the process of collage and with the then emerging difficulty of uniting process and personal narrative). I believe my final piece now sits firmly in the research I have undertaken (simultaneously research on process, personal knowledge and professional knowledge). I have had to do a lot of wrestling with myself in order to unite all these areas into one layer of understanding. It has been quite an emotional and professional journey!