T1 : MMT; Pt1; Pj3: Ex 2: heat gun

Sun and dry = extension lead and garden. Commence the heat gun sampling.

I knew I would.

I loved this.

I put cat and children inside while I played outside – they watched through the window.

Perhaps I should rephrase that. I loved the heat gun experimentation not the being outside all on my own (well ok maybe a bit of that too.)

I had gathered my stash of plastics and synthetic fibres. I was a little nervous. I’ve never used a heat gun before and Mr Man loaned me his. This was a real grown up tool. It had 2 speeds. I asked (stupidly now I consider it) how you controlled the heat at each speed. Mr Man demonstrated. Bringing his hand nearer the surface and pulling it further away. I learnt quickly!

What stunned me was the difference between heat tolerance of different materials. The most frightening was the 2 second duration before the tulle of my children’s (grown out of and well beyond passing on) fairy costume shrivelled and was impacted by the heat – at that point no hotter and fiercer than a hair drier.

The polyester silk from my wedding dress that I’d  made took forever to be affected. I did laugh at this. This woman and her dress can take a whole load of heat before she crumples. That marriage was er… like Dante ‘s inferno. Great wedding though. Pants marriage. The very material of my nuptials held the secret!!

Delicious results. Bubbles, curls, shrinkage, white water rapid marks, streams, tears, stiffening, twisting. I loved the polyester ribbon that in mere seconds became seaweed.

A girl could get addicted to this! Glad I waited and the weather was benevolent.

Definitely time to sort now!!